Jay McCleskey is a political operations and media specialist

Jay McCleskey is a political operations and media specialist who works in New Mexico. He has worked on campaigns ranging from the local to those of national importance. Jay McCleskey is the President of McCleskey Media Strategies. He has a wealth of experience to draw from, having run campaigns at all levels for over fifteen years.

Jay McCleskey was the lead consultant for the Susana Martinez for Governor campaign. He is also currently still serving as the chief political advisor to Susana Martinez. Jay McCleskey was in charge of producing all of her direct mail and paid media. Additionally, he served as the chief campaign strategist for Susana Martinez, who was able to fight against the odds and successfully emerged from a five-way primary. She would go on to win the election and thereby become the first Hispanic Governor in the history of the United States of America. Jay McCleskey was integral to her success, she said of that campaign, “I could not have won the election without Jay as my political consultant.”

Jay McCleskey has produced a number of award winning ads for the campaigns he has worked on. This includes winning the Best Statewide GOP Ad in America in 2010 by Campaigns and Elections Magazine, which was given to him for an ad he produced for the Susana Martinez for Governor campaign.

Jay McCleskey also won awards for campaign advertisements he developed for the Richard Berry for Mayor of Albuquerque campaign. He won two national “Pollie” awards for an ad he developed for that campaign called “Truck”.

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